What is green coffee? It is common to believe that green coffee is some kind of alternative to coffee that we usually know or that coffee is harvested before ripening, but in reality it is about unripe beans that have not been roasted. This coffee preserves an olive green color from which it gets its name. Drinking the extract of these over-ripe grains before Tostion brings extraordinary benefits for weight loss and health benefits. With only drink two or three cups a day, you will get results so effective that it will be hard to believe, but they will be real. Its first characteristic is to maintain satiety, that is, not to experience the anxiety, typical of weight loss. But this is just the beginning. What makes it so effective? Our green coffee, due to the process carried out, has high concentrations of chlorogenic acid. This is an element that increases the lipolysis or processing of fats in the body, so which plays a very important role in the elimination of these and has turned out to have unexpected and very beneficial qualities. It is one of the current grails of weight loss. The secret is in its components and natural characteristics that favor the elimination of fats, it is a powerful ally of a healthy diet and a daily exercise routine. These are its most outstanding properties: It contains Chlorogenic Acid: this fenolide compound favors the elimination of fats and prevents them from accumulating in the tissues. It increases the Lipolytic activity: regulating the formation of fats, without excesses being generated. place to overweight. Contains antioxidants: they are vital for the control of free radicals, their action can lead to the formation of diseases such as cancer or Alzheimer’s. It is satiating: reduces the compulsive desire to eat, to control customs and ingest food at fixed and regular times. This is a very important point in weight loss. It reduces cellulite: because it reduces lipids at the muscular level, this also accompanies the elimination of fats from the epidermal layers. It favors the reduction of cellulite. It increases the energy: its consumption increases the energy level during the day.Diabetes: because its properties control the level of sugar, the Green Coffee is often recommended for the control of diabetes of the type II, For these reasons the Green Coffee has become a great help to lose weight. It is a natural supplement that has great ability to boost the draining effect of fats in the body. It is an ally of weight loss that until now only used the famous, and today is in your hands to live healthier and access a world of opportunities. For these reasons the Green Coffee has become a great help to boost the draining effect of fats in the body, is an ally of thinning that until now only used the famous, and today is in your hands to live healthier and access a world of opportunities

The Green Coffee works as an extract.

The polyphenols can be found in unroasted coffee beans, but apart we can find chlorogenic acids, amazingly neutralize free radicals that are harmful, and apart from functioning as an excellent antioxidant. This type of grains through studies that have been carried out, it has been shown that they are capable of having an antidepressant effect in people, and something extremely important for hypertensives, helps to reduce hypertension. The extract of the unroasted coffee or coffee bean is not stimulating And it does not contain much caffeine. But when these coffee beans are roasted not only caffeine increases but also the chlorogenic acids are destroyed and the benefits that these grains have will not be available.

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